We have begun our official admissions application process for 2024-2025, and we are always happy to arrange after-hours school tours for interested parties. We are planning to have two classes next year; Lower Elementary (K-3rd) and Upper Elementary (4th-6th) next year.

Tuition for the 2024-2025 school year will be $6,800 per student and there will be an additional $600 supplies and extracurricular fee. The rate is the same for all students. We are committed to holding our tuition as low as possible while providing our instructors a reasonable salary and keeping our facilities safe and pleasant. As long as we achieve our enrollment targets, we do not anticipate tuition increases in the future of more than the cost of living rate.

We do not yet have the capability of providing any sort of financial aid for students, though we are looking at future formation of a non-profit which would be dedicated to funding scholarship requests.

To apply, please download the form (Word doc), fill it out, and then return via email to . We will send you a reference request form for you to share with someone who knows your child and can speak to his or her strengths.